The relationship between written law and it's interpretation is constantly changing. Responsive adaptation to these changes is ever more important. Corporate and private clients are required to follow and estimate their position in contractual relationships. Below you will find a few examples of our services.

Employment Relationships

We represent both employers and employees. Typical cases:

- Dispute resolutions in ending of employment relationships
- Employment contract negotiating
- Reorganization of employment as a part of a corporate restructuring
- Outsourcing
- Disclosure and NDA issues
- Corporate secrets

Real Estate Deals

Real Estate dispute cases require both thorough knowledge of law and vast technical expertise. Negotiations and preparation for the court together with leading experts secures the best outcome at the court of law. Our clients enjoy cost effective and responsive handling of cases. Typical cases:

- Structural damages (water, mould, others)
- Cancellation of purchase
- Damage compensations

Real Estate Investments

We represent our clients in various real estate related investment cases. Our services are often related to legal advising in planning, execution, acquisition and marketing. We know the market and we know the participants. This knowledge is at our clients disposal in all cases. Typical cases:

- Works contracts
- Planning contracts
- Land usage agreements
- Detail planning issues
- Rental contracts
- Transactions
- Buy-Leaseback contracts
- Environmental law issues

Intellectual Property

Protection of innovations and other intellectual rights are ever more important to businesses of today. Typical cases:

- Licencing of patents
- Patent breaches
- Employment related patent issues
- Trademark issues
- Franchising issues

Public Law

We advice our clients in various cases related to the public law. Public spending and it's relationship with the competition regulation authorities requires careful monitoring in securing one's interests. Typical cases:

- Public procurements
- Consultation in public procurements
- State's and Communities' decisions' appeals

Tax Law

We advice our clients in taxation and related issues. Question related to dividents, tax reductions, corporate acquisitions and other tax related issues are important to everyone. We work together with selected accountancy professionals. Typical cases:

- Taxation appeals
- Tax inspections
- Tax planning
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